Nebraska Bethel #1 is keeping busy, as always!

We held an Amazing Race prospective member party at our area state park and had a great time! We found ourselves racing all around the park, looking for clues. It was a great time, and we got to know some prospective members a little better.

Our Bethel continues to grow — we welcomed a new member to our Bethel in October. Jocelyn is going to be a great addition to our group. We also welcomed her sister Addy to our Jobie 2 Bees.

HIKE has been a big focus of our Bethel this term. We held our annual Halloween HIKE Party on Oct. 15, with a time for younger kids to come and participate in games, followed by a dance for teens. We have represented Job’s Daughters at the local children’s theater on two occasions when they have had sign language-interpreted shows. We got to have a lobby display about HIKE and do curtain speeches in front of their 900 person audience. We are looking forward to a fun event on Nov. 11 — a HIKE on Ice skating carnival — that will hopefully earn a lot of money for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. We will have on- and off-ice games in a glow-in-the-dark environment.

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We had a great time at our Go To Church Sunday, which we spent at a church’s production of “Goliath,” a musical production set to the music of “Oklahoma.” Following the service, we did a mock Majority Ceremony. The girls did a great job and we were proud of their accomplishment.

We have revitalized an old tradition in our Bethel: the Marshal’s Dinner, an event honoring our newest Line Officer. This activity found us ice skating at followed by gourmet cupcakes. We had a great time, and even got our Grand Guardian out on the ice.

As always, we enjoy serving our Masonic Family. We have had several nights of babysitting at the Scottish Rite, serving at OES dinners, and worked at a Masonic CHIP service project event. We so enjoy spending time with all our Masonic friends!

Again, we encourage everyone in the area to participate in our HIKE on Ice event on Nov. 11. All ages are welcome, and there will be activities both on and off the ice. The cost of admission is $10 and includes pizza, a drink and a cookie, as well as ice time and games. We hope to see you there!


Bethel Guardian

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