To all Grand Guardians, Grand Secretaries, and Supreme Deputies:
The Board of Trustees and the Executive Supreme Guardian Council, in collaboration with the Supreme Bethel Committee and Miss International Job’s Daughter Pageant Committee, approved the following plans with regard to Supreme Bethel and the MIJD Pageant:

Supreme Bethel

  1. There will be NO drawing of a new corps of Officers and Representatives for the Supreme Bethel 2020-2021
  2. SBHQ Gabbi DiMatteo and all 2019-20 SB Officers and Representatives will continue in their roles until the next SB Installation at Supreme Session 2021 in Hampton, Virginia
  3. By vote of the ESGC, BOT and Supreme Jurisprudence Committee, the following exceptions to Supreme Bethel Rules and Regulations will be allowed:
    a. Candidates for SBHQ 2020-2021 will be eligible to apply again in 2021-2022
    b. Reminder: Supreme Jurisprudence extended the Majority age to 21 through December 2021

Miss International Job’s Daughter Pageant

  1. A MIJD Pageant will not be held in 2020
  2. MIJD Maia Garcia will continue in her role until the 2021 Pageant at Supreme Session in Hampton, Virginia
  3. By vote of the ESGC, BOT and Supreme Jurisprudence Committee, the following exceptions to the Rules and Regulations of the MIJD Pageant will be allowed:
    a. All jurisdictions shall have the right to send up to two (2) Candidates
    b. The decision on sending one or two Candidates, when and how to select Candidate(s), if to ‘hold over’ a current Miss, etc. is at the discretion of each Jurisdiction
    c. 2021 registration fees will continue to be assessed on a per Candidate basis
    d. Candidates who served as Miss of their jurisdiction 12 or more months prior to the 2021 MIJD Pageant will be allowed to compete as long as they have not already competed
    e. Daughters who have previously competed in the MIJD pageant will not be permitted to compete a second time
    f. Upon request, registration fees already received by the Supreme Office for a 2020
    Pageant Contestant will be returned to the Jurisdiction
    g. Fees not requested to be returned will be held in the MIJD budget to be used toward the Jurisdiction’s Candidate(s) for the 2021 Pageant

The Committees request that this information be communicated to all Bethels upon receipt. If there are any questions, please reach out to the appropriate Committee chairs using the emails below:

Marsha Bright, SBG Protem,

Erin Jespersen, MIJD Co-Chair,

John Young, ASBG,

Amanda LeBlanc, MIJD Co-Chair,