Job’s Daughters members and adult volunteers,

What a truly unique time we are in together. The Associate Supreme Guardian normally presides over the election process as Supreme Sessions. As such I am pleased to announce the results of the first ever Supreme Guardian Council voting done electronically. This announcement includes the 2020-2021 Executive Supreme Guardian Council members and the open positions on the Board of Trustees.

Total Votes Cast211
Illegal Votes1
Net Total Votes Cast210
Supreme GuardianAssociate Supreme Guardian
Valorie Koogle – Virginia210Mark Allen – Oregon206
Vice Supreme GuardianVice Associate Supreme Guardian
Diane Bloch – Michigan203Patrick Lehrman – Illinois171
Supreme GuideSupreme Inner Guard
Maureen Wise210Robert Worthington – Virginia204
Supreme MarshalSupreme Outer Guard
Barbara Von Lienen – Maryland175John Bodnar – Michigan154
Abstain35Edwin Hensley – California47

The Board of Trustees members were selected with a ranked choice process to determine length of term. The top two ranked point winners each receives a 3 year term with the third receiving a 2 year term. Additionally, there is a 1 year BOT appointment that is vacant and will be appointed by the incoming Supreme Guardian.

Board of TrusteesRanked Points
Karen Keller – California478
Melinda Kinders – Kansas411
Stephanie Lagerman – Kansas308
2020-2021 Budget2023 Session in Wisconsin

I would like to congratulate all the new officers and Board Members and wish them great success in the coming year. Additionally, I would like to thank each of the voting delegates who voted and were willing to try something new.

Tom Selby, Associate Supreme Guardian