Members and volunteers of Job’s Daughters,

This is an update to the COVID 19 State of Emergency declaration for Job’s Daughters International. Across the JDI world the pandemic situation remains very fluid. We recognize the conditions and threat levels will not follow the same pattern everywhere and we must be flexible to those changing conditions. The health of our members and adult volunteers is the highest priority. The following recommendations will take effect September 1, 2020 and remain in effect until November 30, 2020.

The Constitution and Bylaws of JDI remain suspended. This includes all subordinate law found in GGCs, JGCs, BGCs and Bethels. This is intended to support flexibility to continue creating imaginative ways to handle the business of Job’s Daughters.

The policies of the Board and the JDI Youth Protection Program are separate from the Constitution and Bylaws and remain in full effect.

Majority age extended to 21 beginning March 15, 2020 through December 31, 2021 if requested by the individual Daughter. This decision was made to prevent a Daughter from missing out on potential opportunities during this emergency.

In-person events may (but are not required to) resume so long as they are in accordance with guidelines issued by Federal/Provincial/Territorial/State/Local authorities and health agencies. Additionally, meeting venue rules and guidelines should be adhered to.

We specifically recommend that all sleepover and overnight events be suspended.

The JDI Board of Trustees highly encourages most activities to continue to be virtual and in-person activities be rare. Should GGCs/JGCs/Bethels decide to hold some in-person activities, we are providing an updated set of guidelines for activities/tasks that regularly occur in our Order. Included in that document is a list of considerations regarding in-person activities in general as well as Bethel meeting and Ritual modifications. Additionally, helpful resource materials will be available on the JDI Supreme website under the COVID Resources tab.

We recognize that this is a difficult time. By working together, we can keep JDI moving forward. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and communicate any changes or updates as needed. Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Shelly Cole, Board of Trustees Chair

Valorie Koogle, Supreme Guardian