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Due to concerns about the coronavirus, the Supreme Office will be operating with limited staff for the foreseeable future. We will still be processing CAVs and other day-to-day operations, but things may take longer than usual to process. Because of this limited staffing, we do ask that if you have questions, please email the office at instead of calling.

We have been working on contingency plans for CAV processing in the case that we are forced to close the office because of a City or State mandate. Please stay tuned for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.


CAV Applications:

CAV Applications MUST be submitted within 6 Months of the training date. If the background check is not completed before the 6 Months, your CAV training will expire, and you will have to retake the CAV training class.

Click to download PA Online Application Instructions

Click to download CAV Application Instructions

Click to download CAN Background Check Instructions

The coupon code for Canadian Background Checks is: JDICSI

CAV Renewals:

CAV Renewals can be submitted up to 90 days  prior to the expiration date. CAV Renewals should be received by the Supreme Office at least 30 days prior to the expiration date. The 30 days prior serves as a cushion for any problem that may arise (not received, incomplete, online system error, etc.)

Volunteers who choose to renew after the 30 days are taking an inherent risk that their CAV may not be renewed if any problems are encountered.

First-time Renewal Instructions

CAV Renewal Instructions

CAV Renewal Required Forms for PA, WA, and QLD

These States/Regions have required forms for CAV Renewals:

  • PA: DMV Form
  • WA: Driving Record Release Form
  • QLD: Blue Card

Please send required forms to the Supreme Office via email (

If the forms are not submitted before your CAV expiration date, the renewal application will be considered incomplete, and your CAV will be expired.

Click to Access CAV Required Forms

CAV Approvals

With the new system, you will NOT receive a CAV card. The email congratulating you on your application/renewal will serve as your proof of certification. Note, your renewal and application are not automatic. The Supreme Office has to manually review your information.

Having trouble? Contact the Supreme Office by phone or email for help.