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CAV Applications & Renewals

Please read the instructions VERY carefully. There are special form requirements for certain jurisdictions.

Click here to download the CAV Tool Instructions.

Click here to download the CAV Tool FAQ’s.

Click here to download the CAN Online Background Screening Instructions.

The coupon code for Canadian background checks is: JDICSI

The hardest part about switching to a new system is the beginning. We appreciate your patience as we work through the new process. For the time being, you are still allowed to do the traditional paper process if you wish. However, if you choose to do the paper process, you cannot pay online. You have to choose one or the other in order for the office to keep track.

If you encounter any trouble, contact the Supreme Office. Do not ask your CAV Administrator, as they will not be able to access your information.

***Note for Renewals- If you are trying to import your expiration date and it gives you an error code, call or email the Supreme Office for help.***

The same rules apply with online applications and renewals. If your CAV has expired, you MUST take a new training class and reapply. Applications must be submitted within 6 months of training.

All materials and payment must be submitted on or before your expiration date to be considered on-time. Materials will not be accepted prior to 90 days before your expiration date.

With the new system, you will NOT receive a CAV card. The email congratulating you on your application/renewal will serve as your proof of certification. Note, your renewal and application are not automatic. The Supreme Office has to manually review your information.

Click here to access the Online CAV Application / Renewal