Be an Active Majority Member

Once a Job’s Daughter, always a Job’s Daughter. You, as a Majority Member, are full of knowledge and insight about our Order. Why not use that knowledge to continue to improve Job’s Daughters for our members?

We know that our Majority Members are busy women of the world. You are employees, wives, students, mothers, community members, and everything in between. We understand that Job’s Daughters may not be number one in your life, but we ask you to keep Job’s Daughters as some part of your life. We want you and we NEED you! Our Majority Members are the backbone of our councils. You have the unique experience and knowledge of a Daughter and an adult.


Maybe it has been a while since you have been to a meeting, or you might be Bethel Guardian. Either way, know that Job’s Daughters is your home, no matter how often you visit.

If you would like to be involved in Job’s Daughters again, please visit our Bethel Locator page to find the Bethel nearest you!