Constitution & Bylaws

Please note that in order to be accepted, amendments shall be submitted to the Executive Manager and must be received on or before April 1 of the year of the Annual Session when it is to be considered.


Constitution & Bylaws w/ 2019 Amendments- Full Set

Constitution & Bylaws w/ 2019 Amendments- Full Set (Portuguese)

Individual Downloads

File 01- Cover Page and Landmarks

File 02- Constitution of the SGC

File 03- Bylaws of the SGC

File 04- SOP’s of the SGC

File 05- Constitution of the GGC

File 06- Bylaws of the GGC

File 07- SOP’s of the GGC

File 08- Constitution of the JGC

File 09- Bylaws of the JGC

File 10- SOP’s of the JGC

File 11- Constitution of the BGC

File 12- Bylaws of the BGC

File 13- SOP’s of the BGC

File 14- Constitution of the Bethel

File 15- Bylaws of the Bethel

File 16- SOP’s of the Bethel

File 17- Alumni Association

File 18- Degree of Royal Purple

File 19- Lily of the Valley

File 20- Pageant

File 21- MFG Club

File 22- Prospective Members Club

File 23- Supreme Bethel

File 24- Index

File 25- Glossary