Looking for some ideas to help your Bethel grow?  Have you got an idea that really helped your Bethel and you want to share it?  Looking for Promotion Award Forms to reward your members?  Then you have come to the right place.  The links below will open up a whole new world of promotion to ensure that your Bethel not only survives, but thrives.


Promotional Brochures

Looking for some Informational Brochures regarding Job’s Daughters? Here you will find brochures you can download and distribute to all of your potential new members and their parents.  To access the Promotional Brochures, click here.


Go Jobie Membership Program

The Go Jobie Program is designed to increase membership in your Bethel .  The program provides recognition for Daughters who bring in new Members or reactivate non-participating members. (Please note that this is a separate program from the Individual Incentive Program which also uses the term Go Jobie on its medallion).  To find out more about the Go Jobie Membership Program, click here.

Jobie-to-Bee Program

This Jobie-To-Bee program is designed especially for girls who are not yet old enough to join Job’s Daughter, but are looking forward to their future membership.  To find out more about the Jobie-To-Bee Program, click here.