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Bethel Financial Books

This is an Excel File, so you will need the Microsoft Excel program or an equivalent program to use it.  This file includes General Instructions, Sample Receipts, Sample Disbursements, Receipts, Disbursements, Audit Instructions, Audit Form and Review.  To download the file, right click on the link, then select “Save Target As” and then download to the directory of your choice on your computer (Mac users please follow your computer guidelines for downloading).  You must download this to your computer.  You will not be able to save it online.

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Forms in English

045- Annual Report of the GGC

101- Application for Dispensation to Organize a Bethel

103- Application for a Charter

110- Annual Report of the Bethel

120- Grand Guardian’s Report

121- Supreme Deputy’s Report

122- Amendment to Bethel Bylaws

125- Personal Health Form

130- Petition for Membership

131- Petition for Membership by Affiliation

131d- Petition for Dual Membership

132- Report of the Visitation Committee

133- Initiation Notice

134- Request for Masonic Relationship

140- Notice of Dues (4 forms)

141- Receipt for Dues

142- Record of Dues

150- Receipts, Bills, Warrants, and Order for Treasurer (2 forms)

151- Bethel Treasurer’s Report (4 forms)

160- Majority Member Sheet

162- Majority Member Certificate (Wallet)

163- Majority Member Certificate

163- Majority Member Certificate (4×6)

170- Member of Honor Certificate (4×6)

170- Member of Honor Certificate

171- Member of Honor of GGC (4×6)

172- Past Honored Queen Card

173- Parent Card

174- Proficiency Certificate

180- Voting Credential

190- Certificate of Appointment

191- Certificate of Appointment for BGC

200- Request for Dispensation

201- Special Dispensation (x3)

210- Demit Form

212- Notice of Suspension (2 forms)

220- Report on Ballot on Petition (4 forms)

221- Bethel Ballots for BGC (2 forms)

222- Report of Recommendation for BGC

281- SGC Expense Claim for Deputy or ASD

281R- Expense Claim Form

285- Prospective Member Club Application

Alumni Association Rules and Regulations

Annual Report How-To PowerPoint

Bethel Song Card

Degree of Royal Purple Nomination Form- NEW 2018

Masonic Affiliation Research Sheet

Media Release Form

Online Fundraising Guidelines

Order Blank for Supplies

Supreme Proposed Amendments Form