SGC Voting

Below you will find the Letters of Intent for those aspiring to a position on the Supreme Line or the Board of Trustees. The link to the voting tool can be found at the bottom of the page.

Supreme Guardian

Name: Valorie A. Koogle

State of Residence: Pennsylvania

Office Aspiring to: Supreme Guardian

JDI Qualifications for Office Aspiring To:
– Past Honored Queen, Bethel 4, Alexandria, Virginia
– Past Bethel Guardian, Bethel 55, Woodbridge, Virginia
– Past Bethel Guardian, Bethel 22, Mount Vernon, Virginia
– Past Worthy Matron, Order of Eastern Star, Mount Vernon Chapter 178
– Past Grand Guardian of Virginia 2011-2012
– Past Grand Secretary of Virginia 2013-2017
– Supreme Marshal 2017-2018
– Supreme Guide 2018-2019
– Vice Supreme Guardian 2019-2020

My term as Grand Guardian of Virginia and then Grand Secretary of Virginia served to give me solid leadership/administrative experience. It provided me valuable insight into the workings of Job’s Daughters not only at the Virginia state level but with other Grand Guardians in the surrounding areas as well as with the Supreme Executive Office of Job’s Daughters International.

My subsequent election to the offices of Supreme Marshal and Supreme Guide gave me further experience in the workings of our Order at the international level, as well as a solid working knowledge of the business and financial side of Job’s Daughters International. As Vice Supreme Guardian, I became a voting member of the Board of Trustees which led to increased involvement in the business side of Job’s Daughters along with the additional responsibilities as Vice Supreme Guardian.

The current and ongoing COVID-19 situation and its impact on all areas of our organization proved to be quite a challenge in finding ways to maintain the operations and communications within our organization. One of the things I have learned during this period is the amazing spirit and innovations of our Daughters and Adults. Despite all the “stay at home” restrictions, social distancing, and face masks, our Daughters have shown us that the spirit and values of Job’s Daughters are alive and well. We gained useful experience in new and expanded areas of phone and video conferencing as well as online data systems.

We have to find ways to use that experience to our advantage in our post-COVID-19 environment with more effective communications and coordination as we move into the world of “new norms” during our next 100 years of Job’s Daughters International.
I believe I have the background, energy and enthusiasm to lead this organization in this
journey into our next century I would be pleased and honored to be elected as the next
Supreme Guardian of Job’s Daughters International.

Associate Supreme Guardian

Name: Mark W. Allen

Jurisdiction: Oregon

Aspiring to: Associate Supreme Guardian

JDI Qualifications: I am a member of the Supreme Guardian Council by being a Past Associate Grand Guardian of Oregon.

Other Information: I started in Job’s Daughters when asked to be the Associate Bethel Guardian of my daughter’s Bethel. I am a Past Associate Bethel Guardian of Bethel #1 in Portland, Oregon. I currently serve as the Vice Associate Supreme Guardian. My motto has always been “Daughters first and always.” I worked with organizations on how to be better at running their organization and bring that experience with me.

Vice Supreme Guardian

Name: Diane Bloch

Jurisdiction: Michigan

Aspiring to: Vice Supreme Guardian

JDI Qualifications: Past Grand Guardian of Michigan, 1993-1994

Other Information:
I am looking forward to continuing in the Supreme Line and supporting Job’s Daughters as an organization and as individuals who make up the Order. I have prepared plans for a year full of promotion, training, leadership development, and fun challenges for the Daughters and adults. The 2022 Supreme Arrangements Committee is working towards making the “Come Sail Away Great Lakes Session” a memorable one and we are excited to host that event for all of our Job’s Daughters.

I have been active in Job’s Daughters since 1974, without a break. ☺ I served as Honored Queen in June 1978. I was in Grand Bethel Choir, and Supreme Bethel Representative to Virginia where I was able to visit 17 Bethels, including #1 Arlington for their 50th anniversary. I have been Guardian of my Bethel #52 in St. Clair Shores for 37 terms (not consecutive), and there is nothing that I enjoy more than coaching the Daughters to dream, plan, and reach their goals. I am sure that I learn as much from the girls as they learn from me.

I have been traveling the Job’s Daughters world all along, first with my mother, and then with my daughter. I have visited Job’s Daughters events in: Queensland, Hawaii, California, Washington, Alberta, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Saskatchewan, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ontario, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DelMar, Virginia, Florida, and Santa Catarina. It is very likely that I have crossed paths with many of you over the years.

I come from an active Masonic family, but I do support Job’s Daughters that have no fraternal relationship. My father belonged to DeMolay and Zion Lodge, my mother was a life member of Order of the Eastern Star, and a Past Grand Guardian (2002-2003). My husband (Dan, 36 years) joined Lodge so that he could attend Job’s Daughters meetings with me, and eventually served as Master of his Lodge and Grand Librarian in Michigan. My oldest son is a DeMolay Past State Master Councilor in Michigan, my next son was State Outstanding DeMolay. My daughter, Keziah, has been active in Job’s Daughters since 4 days after her 10th birthday, serving as Supreme Bethel Representative, Grand Bethel Representative, and Grand Bethel Officer multiple times for each. She has also been awarded the Most Outstanding Masonic Youth and Outstanding Job’s Daughter during her time. If you know family, you know how much it takes to support these activities.

I am a retired aerodynamic engineer from General Motors where I worked for 37 years. My hobbies include paper crafts, painting, yarn crafts, sewing, and making things. I enjoy swimming and am a certified SCUBA diver, as well as a commercial pilot and flight instructor (although I do not do much flying these days).

Vice Associate Supreme Guardian

Name: Patrick Lehrman

Jurisdiction: Illinois

Aspiring to: Vice Associate Supreme Guardian

JDI Qualifications:
– Past Associate grand Guardian of Illinois
– Currently serving as Supreme Inner Guard

Other Information:
My vision and purpose is to help Job’s Daughters grow into leaders both within the current areas we operate and to expand to places where the young women of today would learn to lead to the benefit of all.

Supreme Guide

Name: Maureen Wise

Jurisdiction: Wisconsin

Aspiring to: Supreme Guide

Other Information:
This is my letter of intent to aspire to the position of Supreme Guide for the 2020-2021 Supreme Guardian Council year. I am qualified for aspiring to this position because I am a PGG of Wisconsin and currently serving as Supreme Marshal.

I have been actively involved with Job’s Daughters since July, 1957, when I was initiated into Bethel 46, in Harvey, Illinois. Upon reaching the age of majority, I became the Director of Epochs of my Bethel. When my oldest daughter was initiated into Bethel #19, West Allis, Wisconsin, my life in Job’s Daughters re-emerged. I soon became a member of the council and within two years became the Bethel Guardian. Ruth O’Connell Duenk gave me my first appointment as Bethel Guardian.

And so the journey began. I was elected Grand Marshal after serving as Grand Librarian. My service to the State of Wisconsin continued with many committee appointments throughout the years following my term as Grand Guardian. I have served on Jurisprudence, Appeals & Grievances, the Degree of Royal Purple and Session Arrangements. I have also served on the Grand Bethel Committee and the Job’s Daughters Memorial Foundation Committee. When Ruth O’Connell Duenk and Hubert Haynes were Supreme Guardian and Associate Supreme Guardian, I was the chairperson of registration for their session in 1990.

I was privileged to serve as Supreme Director of Music for Marlene Frakes and Graham Davey. I co-chaired the SAC for Brenda Hansel and Bruce Haubrich, I was on the SAC team for Janine Coley and Mike Hoglund and served as their Supreme Bethel Guardian in 2008. I was excited to serve as the Chairperson for the MIJD Pageant for Barb Cooper and Mike Allen in 2015. And, most recently, I was the chairperson of Appeals & Grievances for Jeannie Johnson and John Coulter in 2016. I was a member of the HIKE Board for six years under the leadership of Chuck Terrill and Marlene Frakes when they each served as President of the Board.

During Supreme Session in 2019, I was honored to have been elected Supreme Marshal. It is my desire to continue to serve this Organization with the passion that I have had for over 60 years.

Supreme Inner Guard

Name: Robert Worthington

Jurisdiction: Virginia

Aspiring to: Supreme Inner Guard

Other information:
Originally from California I joined the United States Navy in 1990 after graduating high school in the small central valley town of Kingsburg, six miles away from Bethel 151 in Selma. During my time we were stationed in California, Florida, Connecticut, and finally Virginia where my family has lived for 22 years. After 24 years of service I retired from the Navy in 2014 and continue to work for the Department of Defense in the Washington D.C. area.

A Past Master of Olive Branch lodge 114 in Leesburg, Virginia and have served as District Education Officer and District Instructor of Work for the 2nd Masonic District in Virginia. Currently serving on youth committees for the Alexandria Scottish Rite, Kena Shriners in Manassas, Virginia and holding advisor positions for Rainbow and Demolay. Currently also serving on the HIKE Board 2018 – 2020 in the Fraternal Relations position. While serving in the Supreme Line I would like to focus on ways we can incorporate some of the changes from this COVID impacted period to make the organization stronger.

I understand the commitment of being elected to the Supreme Line and feel that my experience, education, and abilities will be of value to Jobs Daughters International. My employment and financial standing is sufficient to support the required travel and my wife and family is in full support of my decision to undertake the obligations which come with election to the line.

Supreme Marshal

Name: Barbara Von Lienen

Jurisdiction: DelMar

Aspiring to: Supreme Marshal

Other Information:
I feel I am qualified for this position because I have been involved continually since I joined as a 12 year and continue to be involved. This organization is so dear to my heart I returned early from my honeymoon to support my Bethel at installation as an installing officer. This organization provides a way for young women to gain skills that will use throughout their lives, such as confidence, public speaking, fundraising, organization and being part of a
team, just to name a few.

My goals are to continue to focus on the daughters of this organization, promotion and to learn the same life skills I learned being a member of this great organization. Besides the life skills learned, I have made lifelong friends around the world. I am excited to be a part of the organization as it continues to grow and embraces changes for the next hundred years.

Throughout my involvement in Job’s Daughters, as an adult, I have held many positions within the Bethels, as Bethel Guardian, Guardian Secretary, Director of Epochs and Deputy. I had the honor of working with 7 different bethels within the DelMar (previously Maryland) Jurisdiction. During the years I have been on several committees and chairman of some. The committees I have worked are Jurisprudence, Appeals & Grievances, Ritual (individual, story of job and bethel), Holiday Ball, Fall Festival, Pageant, Promotion, Scholarship & Loans, President of Past Grands, Arts & Crafts, Librarian’s contest, Ways & Means, Spring Banquet, Leadership weekend and others as requested.

When my mother was Grand Guardian of Maryland, I had the honor of being her Grand 5th Messenger, and traveled to many events in the quad squad area, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I continued my journey eventually through the Jurisdiction elective offices, capping it off with the most rewarding year as Grand Guardian. This year I have had the pleasure to be the Supreme 5th Messenger and the Supreme Promotion Chairman. I am excited with the number of submissions for each category, especially the individual spirit award that was introduced this year.

If elected this office I look forward to working with the Supreme Teams learning, interacting with more of our daughters across our organization, placing my whole heart and sole for this organization I love dearly.

Supreme Outer Guard

Name: John Bodnar

Jurisdiction: Michigan

Aspiring to: Supreme Outer Guard

JDI Qualifications: PAGG Michigan

Other Information:
It is my pleasure to present this letter to signify my desire to serve Job’s Daughters in the
Supreme Guardian Council Line. As Associate Grand Guardian of the great state of Michigan I focused my efforts on our Motto ‘Be the Change’. An organization founded for the purposes of teaching and empowering young woman must have the ability to change at its core. It must adapt and continue to provide value to its members. At the close of these first 100 years it is time to set our sights on the next 100, make sure the organization meets the Daughters’ needs and continues to provide support and guidance to the members so they can learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.

As a Master Mason I hold dual membership in two Michigan lodges and I am a member of an Eastern Star Chapter as well. But it is working with the Bethel Daughters of Bethel #9 in
Escanaba, Michigan that I grew to love the values and mission of the organization. When asked to serve as a Grand Officer for the first time I jumped at the chance. For me it is about working hard for the Daughters and making as big an impact as I can. The journey from Grand Officer to going up the Grand line of Michigan to Associate Grand Guardian was a natural one and I had an amazing team. As an Army Veteran I know the value of teamwork and together our team set out on a mission to change the world for the better through kindness and thoughtfulness. I feel that message resonates today and is one that should be carried throughout JDI.

I am currently employed by the State of Michigan as a trainer for OSHA and I also work with the US Federal Government in that capacity. I truly enjoy my work and it has given me great
communication and people skills.

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, also known as God’s Country, I love to hunt, fish and spend a lot of time outdoors with my dogs Bailey and Max. I believe in living life to the fullest and helping people all along the way. I am excited, and a little scared, by this opportunity but I am truly honored that you would consider me for the Supreme Guardian Council Line.

Name: Edwin Hensley

Jurisdiction: Arizona and Nevada

Aspiring to: Supreme Outer Guard

JDI Qualifications: PAGG California

Other Information:
I have been involved with Job’s Daughters as an adult leader for over forty years. I have served as ABG of two bethels, AGG of California, various committees. I have served as the chairman of the Arrangements committee for many years in California and the Supreme Arrangements committee in 2013.

In my personal life, I worked for the U.S. Department of Defense for over thirty-three years as a quality assurance specialist. I administered contracts from the technical aspect to assure the items purchased for our military perform to the specifications. My education for that included both contract law and the technical aspects. My specialties included electronics, computer software, aerospace, and space (including manned space).

After I retired from the Government, I worked as a Senior Advanced Quality Assurance Engineer in the space industry. I have been involved with many space vehicles including advance missions. I currently own a part time electronics business. The areas we are involved in include computer networking (repair and installation), audiovisual equipment (rental and new equipment), computer software, and consulting.

My goals for this endeavor is to continue to listen to the voice of the members, to work for the good of the order, to continue to move us forward with the times, and to help our youth to become everything they should be.

Board of Trustees

Name: Karen L. Keller

Jurisdiction: California

Aspiring to: Board of Trustees

JDI Qualifications for Office:
– Past Grand Guardian of California 2013-2014
– Past Bethel Guardian, Bethel No. 93, Whittier, California
– Past Honored Queen, Bethel No. 259, Pico Rivera, California

Other Information:
Currently working as Nurse Navigator in the Oncology Clinic at Kaiser Hospital, Roseville, California. The primary responsibility of this position is to coordinate the care of cancer patients – including facilitating their journey through their treatment in the clinic, providing initial instruction concerning their care, and to assist them in symptom management. I have served in this position for 13 years.

Prior to my position as Nurse Navigator, I worked for Sutter Health System in Sacramento, California, as a Staff Nurse in the telemetry unit, worked at an outpatient oncology clinic associated with a private practice, and additional positions as a staff nurse or infusion nurse in telemetry, oncology, and hematology. All of these positions required significant skills in schedule and treatment coordination, attention to detail, and focused care of individuals’ physical as well as emotional health.

Job’s Daughters Experience: As well as serving four years on the Grand Line toward my
year as Grand Guardian, I served as Grand Chaplain, served six years on the California
Job’s Daughters Foundation, and was elected to a three-year term on the California
Grand Bethel Board of Directors, serving as Chairman the last year (responsible for the
planning and execution of events, schedules, and activities associated with the Grand
Bethel of California). I have served as a Deputy Grand Guardian and Consulting Deputy
Grand Guardian since 2006.

Between Job’s Daughters and my service as a Registered Nurse, I have always been
responsible for efficient care and competent leadership. It has been gratifying to receive
performance evaluation comments such as “outstanding support to her MDs and exceptional care to her patients, carrying more than her share of the workload, and well-
appreciated for her organizational skills.”

I believe my experience, objectivity, communication skills, and interpersonal abilities
would lead to my being a strong fit for a position on the Board of Trustees.

Name: Melinda Kinders

Jurisdiction: Kansas

Aspiring to: Board of Trustees

Other Information:
My name is Melinda Kinders, PGG of Kansas. I have been involved with Job’s Daughters for over 30 years, as a Daughter and now as an Adult. I currently serve as Bethel Guardian #36, Lenexa and as Secretary of the Grand Bethel Board of Kansas. As Grand Guardian, I oversaw the organization, introduction and rollout of a strategic plan. This process included seeking input from both Daughters and Adults to address the needs and concerns of our jurisdiction. Extensive planning during my term of office included statewide activities that complemented those focus points of our strategic plan. Additionally multiple amendment proposals were submitted and approved to support the plan.

Since 2018, I have worked as the Chair of the Supreme Constitution & Bylaw Reform Panel. As Chair of this new initiative, my task included building an international team to work as Regional Liaisons who would solicit the ideas and input of their designated Jurisdictions and Bethels under Supreme. As a team, we held regular calls, presentations and partnered to submit amendments that represented the ideas of both Daughters and adults of the Organization. My focus as Chair is to make sure that as representatives of the Order we perform our duties as advocates for the voices of each of our regions.

Professionally, I have previously worked in the retail industry in Management. My most recent positions were with experiential, luxury retailers. During that time, I oversaw the development of service trainings, implemented our personal shopping department, created product trainings and organized and implemented store launch events. In my experience in this field, I have managed staffs both large and small, developing individuals for advancement and growth. I was responsible for budget management, identifying financial opportunities, shortfalls and trends.

As a member of the Board of Trustees, I feel I can utilize my business acumen to work with the creation of various trainings for Council and Adults of our Order, an idea that was commonly shared through multiple CBRP presentations. Additionally, I believe we have an opportunity to update our systems of communication. In today’s environment, it is vital that we find and utilize forms of communication to reach both adults and Daughters in formats that meet the needs of all within our Order. Throughout Job’s Daughters, the are many members and adults with inventive, new ideas that would benefit our fraternal family as a whole. I also have a passion for growth of our Order and I see an opportunity to expand the impact of our Organization to new communities and cultures, as I believe without growth
we risk stagnation. To bring in new communities, we also have the opportunity to share new ideas. My interest is to work with the international Masonic community to glean their interest in bringing the principles of Job’s Daughters to their countries and territories.

In closing I would like to share a section from the First Annual Report of Job’s Daughters:
“Considering the many problems, conditions and personalities to be contended with, it was a near miracle that order out of chaos was finally accomplished and that a mutually agreeable vehicle was put together… Many mistakes were inevitable, that they were largely overcome testifies to the sincere desire of all those right thinking individuals to create this beautiful Order a truly worthwhile fraternity.”

I feel these words could still describe the work we do today, and I would be honored to be elected to serve this worthwhile fraternity.

Name: Stephanie Lagerman

Jurisdiction: Kansas

Aspiring to: Board of Trustees

Other Information:
I am an active Job’s Daughter member of over 30 years. I am a PGG of Kansas
and currently am a Bethel Guardian with an active daughter of my own. I have
been on many committees within Kansas and have served on the HIKE Board and
am currently a CAV Trainer. I have a background in human services and would
love the chance to give back by lending my advisory skills to the organization.
My profession is in human services where I work with clients to explore personal
issues and to work toward achieving personal goals. I have a strong background in
human development with adults and children.

I also possess a broad range of financial business practices. With this background
and knowledge I believe I would serve as an excellent Board Member to the
organization. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to serve on your board
and put my knowledge to use.

I have administrative experience and excellent leadership skills that I would like to help in the next century of Job’s Daughters. I can help create and implement new projects that will enhance the performance of organization. I am passionate about making sure the Daughters interests are considered when making investments and taking on new opportunities.

As per JDI law (SOP-SGC 15.1, Section 3, Subsection (i)) an annual membership fee from each voting delegate provides eligibility to vote. This fee will be collected prior to voting via the link below.