Become a Certified Adult Volunteer (CAV)

Due to concerns about the coronavirus, the Supreme Office will be operating with limited staff for the foreseeable future. We will still be processing CAVs and other day-to-day operations, but things may take longer than usual to process. Because of this limited staffing, we do ask that if you have questions, please email the office at instead of calling.

We have been working on contingency plans for CAV processing in the case that we are forced to close the office because of a City or State mandate. Please stay tuned for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.

The goal of Job’s Daughters International is to help young women grow and prosper through their teen years so that they may develop into successful and responsible adults. Job’s Daughters members experience a wide variety of activities while they learn leadership, responsibility, civic awareness and important life skills. Job’s Daughters leaders foster an environment that is safe and supportive; filled with quality role models and positive experiences.

The purpose of the JDI Youth Protection Program is to provide an environment to support the growth and safety of the young women in Job’s Daughters. To help create this environment, adult volunteers will be provided with detailed training and pass a screening process to help ensure the safety of our youth.  Below you will find links for our Certified Adult Training Classes, our CAV FAQ, as well as the various documents relating to the JDI Youth Protection Program. 

Questions regarding the Youth Protection Program and Certified Adult Volunteer Training should be directed to Mary Louise Gillispie, Youth Protection Program Coordinator at

Questions regarding individual CAVs and applications should be directed to our Supreme Office at

Youth Protection Program Coordinator: Mary Louise Gillispie
YPP Assistants: Nancy Walters
  Carrie Curry
YPP Regional Coordinators:    
Eastern Kathy Morgan
(Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia)    
Great Plains Carol White
(Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota)    
Pacific Northwest Nancy Walters
(Alaska, Oregon, Washington)    
Canada Great North Peggy Morgan
(Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan)    
Pacific Southwest Marcy Jaqua
Southwest Kim Fairchild
(Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico)    
Midwest Terry Selby
(Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky)    
Intermountain Kathy Kinney
(Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming)    
Great Lakes / Canada Marilee Smiley
(Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Manitoba, Ontario)

CAV Training Classes


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