Letter from the Executive Manager- 08/24/2017:

The current liability insurance, carried by Job’s Daughters International, does NOT cover athletic activities i.e. swimming; volleyball games; softball games.  The Board of Trustees is attempting to find an insurance company that will cover these types of activities.

In order to draft a policy, we need to tell the insurance company what type of activities our girls are involved in and how often they occur.  For that reason, I am asking that all Bethels, both Grand and Supreme, supply us with a list of athletic activities they’ve held in the last year.  I do not need to know the actual dates.  Please send us an email to:  Tell us your Bethel number, state and the type of activity by November 1, 2017.

Please know that we are doing all that we can to find a policy that will allow our Daughters to enjoy the fun and sporty events that they enjoy.

In the mean-time we must ask that all Bethels refrain from any athletic events, unless they obtain a special insurance policy for that event.  K and K Insurance Company specializes in these types of short-term policies.  They can give you a quote online at  You will need to request four (4) million dollars in coverage and Job’s Daughters International must be named as an “additional insured” on the policy.   A copy of the policy must be sent to the Supreme Office at

Thank you,

Susan Goolsby

Executive Manager


Activities Covered by Insurance

*Covered insurance activities are being reviewed*

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