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Youth Protection

The purpose of the JDI Youth Protection Program is to provide an environment to support the growth and safety of the young women in Job’s Daughters. To help create this environment, adult volunteers will be provided with detailed training and pass a screening process to help ensure the safety of our youth.

CAV Applications:

All CAV Applicants MUST take the YPP training prior to submitting an application. To sign up to take the class, click the “Class Registration” button above or email the YPP Director at

CAV Applications MUST be submitted within 6 Months of the training date. If the background check is not completed before the 6 Months, your CAV training will expire, and you will have to retake the CAV training class.

CAV Application Instructions- Click to Download

CAV Renewal Instruction- Click to Download

YPP 000- United States JDI Youth Protection & Policy- Click to Download

YPP 000- Canada JDI Youth Protection & Policy- Click to Download

YPP 000- Australia JDI Youth Protection & Policy- Click to Download

YPP 003- CAVT Application- Click to Download

YPP 006- Accommodations Permission Form- Click to Download

YPP 007- Violation Report- Click to Download

YPP 008- Abuse Report- Click to Download

YPP 009- Transportation Guidelines – Daughter Permission Form – Click to Download

YPP 010- Transportation Guidelines – Parental Permission Form – Click to Download

YPP 012- Instruction Manual for GG’s, VGG’s, SD’s, & CAV Administrators – Click to Download

YPP 013- Violation Appeal Form – Click to Download

YPP 014- Suspension Clearance Form – Click to Download

YPP 015- Driver’s Profile – Click to Download

All PA CAV Applications Can Now Go Through the Background Company Online.

Please review the PA Online Application Checklist to ensure you have all the required materials. These requirements are set by the Pennsylvania state government.

If your application is missing any of the listed items, the background company will be unable to process it until those items are received.

CAV Renewals ONLY require the PA DMV form. Please email ( the form to the Supreme Office. If these items are not received before your expiration date, your CAV Renewal Application will be considered incomplete, and your CAV will expire.

For more information about the Pennsylvania requirements and forms, please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the following FAQs as a quick reference to what is required of individuals serving in certain roles.

May a non-CAV be asked to take minutes, assist the Guardian Secretary, prompt from the Ritual or protem for a missing BGC member during a Bethel meeting?

No. All leader and authority figures must be CAVs. The JDI standard is leadership and adults performing leadership duties, even temporarily, are held to that standard.

If I am a non-CAV can I assist at an activity like a leadership camp?

Yes, so long as that assistance is not serving in any type of leadership or authority capacity.  For example, helping put packets together is fine but being in charge of registration or running the registration desk is not allowed unless you are a CAV.

I forgot to renew my CAV on time and I am currently on a Bethel Guardian Council, is it ok to just keep that BGC position while I wait to get into another CAV class?

No. All leadership/authority positions must maintain continual CAV status. If you no longer have a valid CAV card you may no longer be on the BGC or serve in a leadership or authority position within JDI. You can potentially be re-appointed once your CAV is current again.

I forgot to renew my CAV and I am on a GGC committee. Can I go ahead and keep doing my committee work, like send emails for fundraising, while I wait to get into another CAV class?

No you cannot continue any committee work unless you are a CAV.  You can potentially be re-appointed once your CAV is current again.

Does someone who comes and plays the piano for our Bethel meetings, for example an Eastern Star member, have to be a CAV?

Yes. This function is currently viewed as a leadership role within JDI.

Can a non-CAV still participate as a competition judge?

Yes they may be a judge so long as they are never alone with any Daughters or counted as a Chaperone. However, it would not be appropriate for a non-CAV to be a Robe judge for something like a Ritual competition. Additionally, it would not be appropriate for any judge to touch a Daughter. Finally, there needs to be a CAV in each competition room.

Does a Coach have to be a CAV?

Not necessarily. A coach on a one-time basis does not have to be a CAV as long as they are never alone with any Daughter or counted as a Chaperone. An example of a ‘one-time’ coach might be ‘vocal coach’ from a local school to help the Daughters prepare for a choir competition. A coach on a long term or continuing basis must be a CAV.

Does a Majority Member have to be a CAV to assist as a Messenger during a Bethel Initiation?

Yes. A Majority Member is an adult and the practice of an adult proteming during a Bethel meeting is deemed as a leadership function.

Do Installing Officers need to be CAVs?

No. An Installing Officer is not viewed as a leadership position.

Can a non-CAV assist during a Bethel fundraiser?

Yes so long as they are not in charge or leading that Bethel fundraiser or acting as a Chaperone other than to their own family member.

Do all Chaperones have to be CAVs?

Yes except in the case of Chaperoning only their own family member.

Can a non-CAV be a Chaperone if they are given permission from a Daughters parent/legal guardian?

No.  All JDI Chaperones must be CAVs unless they are Chaperoning only their own family member.

Is a Bethel allowed to serve at a dinner where there will be alcohol?

Yes under the following conditions:
– The Daughters are not allowed to touch any container with alcohol
– The Daughters are not allowed to clear away containers that contained alcohol
– No Chaperone or Daughter may consume alcohol

Can our jurisdiction organize a trip to the baseball game and still allow the adults attending with us to consume alcohol?

A CAV may not consume alcohol at a Job’s Daughters function with Daughters present.

Does a Daughter who is 18 have to become a CAV to remain in Job’s Daughters?

No. Job’s Daughters law recognizes the age of 20 as the transition to being an adult.

If a Daughter turns 20 in the middle of the term must she be a CAV in order to finish that term?

A Daughter who turns 20 during a term is privileged to finish the term as a Daughter.  However, once that term has ended she may no longer protem or act in a leadership or authority capacity until she is a CAV.

If a Daughter turns 20 before competing for the Miss International Job’s Daughter pageant, does she need to be a CAV to compete for the title?

No, the Board of Trustees voted to allow those Daughters that turn 20 prior to competing in the International pageant to compete without being a CAV.

How soon before my 20th birthday may I become a CAV?

It is recommended that a Daughter become a CAV no earlier than 6 months prior to becoming a MM so that she does not cut her time short as a Daughter.  Once a Daughter becomes a CAV she must function as an adult under the JDI Youth Protection Policy.  For example, in regard to accommodations, she may no longer room with any Daughters without parental permission from those Daughters’ parents/legal guardians.


Any questions about CAV applications and renewals can be directed to the Supreme Office. Questions about policy and trainings can be directed to the YPP Coordinator.

(402) 592-7987