Ritual Revision / Revisão do Ritual

The Ritual Revision Committee has met! Watch this space for more information to be announced October 1st. Thank you!

O Comitê de Revisão do Ritual se reuniu! Fique de olho neste espaço para mais informações a serem publicadas em 1º de outubro. 

Ritual Feedback Section 1
Opening Ceremony

Feedback is due October 31, 2021.

As Job’s Daughters prepares the next generation of leaders, we need your help to keep our Ritual up to date, while maintaining our rich heritage and values. Your feedback is important and we take all comments seriously – please make sure your comments are constructive!


Allison Reed


Erin Jespersen


Janine Coley

Fran Burns

Marcy Jaqua

Judy Gordon

Amber Vipond

Susan Goolsby

Beatriz Vichiatto Figueiredo