Trademark Request

As referenced in SI 3 of the Constitution and Bylaws, the Three Point Emblem Trademark (IYOB FILIAE), the JDI Logo and the name “Job’s Daughters International” are registered Trademarks of Job’s Daughters International.  Use of any of these Trademarks requires permission of the Board of Trustees of the Supreme Guardian Council (SGC). The names and phrases “Job’s Daughters,” “IYOB FILIAE,” “Daughters of Job,” “International Order of Job’s Daughters,” “IOJD,” “JDI” and “JD International” are protected by Job’s Daughters International™ and by the Board of Trustees from inappropriate use.

As owner of the Trademarks, the SGC has contracts with several jewelry companies that allows them to use the registered emblem(s) on specific jewelry, soft goods and promotional pieces and offer them for sale to Job’s Daughters members and supporters.

Our Official Jeweler, Doc Morgan Inc. (DMI) has a large range of items in their “Official Jewelry and Accessories” catalog.  As part of their contract, no other individuals or Bethels may produce items bearing the Job’s Daughters’ emblems on items contained in this catalog.  There is also a “first right of refusal” clause in the contract that gives DMI the option of producing any item that is not already contained in their catalog.  This means that before the Board Trademark Liaison can grant permission for use of the trademark(s), you must first contact DMI to obtain a price bid on the items that you are wanting to produce.

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Form 280 (Trademark Request)- Click to Download

Terms of Use

1. Trademarked items are available for sale by Supreme Session Arrangement Committee, Grand Guardian Council, Jurisdictional Guardian Councils and Bethels

2. Use of the Trademark(s) is granted for one year – August to August.

3. Trademarked items may NOT be placed on the internet for sale.

4. Trademarked goods may be sold only at Job’s Daughters’ functions.

5. Sales at Supreme Session are limited to Supreme Session Arrangements Committees and Official Jewelers and others having received special permission by the Board of Trustees of the Supreme Guardian Council.

Failure to Request Permission

As owners of the Job’s Daughters’ Trademarks, the Board of Trustees has the responsibility of seeing that the registered marks are properly used in accordance with the US Patent and Trademark laws.  In addition, the Board is legally and morally obligated to uphold the terms of the contracts that it carries with Doc Morgan, and Flagg Companies.  For these reasons, we ask that you adhere to these guidelines when using the Trademarks of Job’s Daughters.  Failure to do so could result in the loss of funds that you paid to have a product made.

For more information please contact:

Grayson Koogle, Board of Trustees Trademark Liaison