Website Guidelines


These guidelines were adopted by the Board of Trustees in August 1998 for use by Grand Guardian Councils, Jurisdictional Guardian Councils, Bethels, Individual members and adult workers of the International Order of Job’s Daughters.

In the Fall of 1993, the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Supreme Guardian Council (SGC) adopted a mission statement which reads as follows:

“Job’s Daughters International™ is a premier  organization for young women that provides a wholesome environment based on the foundation of high morals, love of country, love of family and friends and respect for others throughout the world. It is a living organization dedicated to meeting the needs of young women today and their challenges of tomorrow. It is a quality  organization that fosters a sense of pride in achievement for each and all members as they prepare to become the adult leaders of the future.”

All efforts to communicate the image of the Job’s Daughters International (JDI) should reflect the message contained in this mission statement. Because the Internet is such a broad means of communication with parameters that change almost daily, it is critical that every attempt be made to protect the image of our Order without unduly restricting the creativity of our members or by ignoring the positive features of the Internet that can enhance and distribute our message to a world audience in the flash of a second.

With enthusiasm for the excitement that the Internet can bring to our organization, tempered by common sense, these guidelines have been adopted by the Board of Trustees to protect the traditional aspects of our organization while furthering its good work by an active participation in cyberspace.

As the SGC embarks on this journey into cyberspace, the BOT invites all of our subordinate councils, Daughters and adults to embrace this new technology and to adhere to these guidelines. Please direct any questions or needs for additional information regarding these guidelines to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees or the Executive Manager.


In keeping with the principles and nature of JDI, it is imperative that any advertising be in good taste and acceptable for an organization of young women that promotes a moral upbringing. Therefore, the local authority (Grand Guardian, Bethel Guardian, etc.) must pay careful attention to the items advertised on the JDI Web Site and the manner in which they are described In addition, the Webmaster must be very selective in seeking sponsors (e.g.,, Guest Books) so that any accompanying commercial messages would not bring embarrassment to members or adult workers of the Order. It might be more practical to employ non-commercial guest book software than to rely upon a commercial source.


Even though the SGC produces a variety of JDI materials, only the material appearing on the official SGC Web Site at can be copied for inclusion on GGC, Bethel and individual JDI Web Sites. However, it must be copied in its entirety with no changes or embellishments other than the inclusion of a credit line. Please refer to Credit Section below for additional information. Promotional brochures available from the SGC office can be copied verbatim for inclusion on GGC, Bethel and individual JDI Web Sites. Please include the brochure number and a credit line. No SGC materials shall be summarized, incorporated into other documents, or in any other way abbreviated without permission of the Supreme Office.  Any other official SGC material shall not be produced on other Web Sites without permission of the Board of Trustees.


For decades the SGC has protected the confidentiality of its members and adult workers by not selling or otherwise making available for commercial purposes a list of names and addresses of its members and adult workers. This protection includes the SGC Directory, SNE mailing list, the List of Bethels, and the Alumni Association Membership. Likewise, it is critical that the personal addresses and phone numbers of the members and adult workers of our Order not be included on a Web Site. For the safety of our Daughters and adults, do not list their phone numbers or addresses when incorporating a list of Bethel Officers, Grand Bethel Officers, or Council Members. In the same regard, do not give the phone number or address for your Miss Jurisdictional JD, scholarship recipients, or competition winners.

Whether for additional information about our organization or for the purchase of an advertised item, all contacts should be made via an e-mail address. Personal e-mail addresses of Daughters and/or adults associated with the Order should not be listed on web sites unless express written consent (received via e-mail, online form, US mail, or otherwise) has been given by the holder of that e-mail address. Personal addresses and phone numbers should not be include.


In considering the content for the Web Site, there is a wide range of material’ available. Promotional brochures from the SGC would be a prudent choice for inclusion on the Web Site to help visitors to understand better the goals, membership requirements, and activities of the JDI. Information regarding the JDI scholarship program, competitions, participation at annual sessions and rallies, and activities of individual Bethels would all be suitable for a Web Site. Reports on travels to sessions, rallies or to visit Bethels in other states, provinces or countries would be an exciting addition to a Web Site. The inclusion of high-quality graphics, photos, music and animated graphics would add variety to a Web Site. However, whether or not a Web Site represents the latest in cyberspace technology is not as important as representing the JDI as an organization that offers a caring atmosphere in which young women can mature as good citizens. Remember to report your Bethel and other JDI activities in a positive and energetic manner, and refrain from using the Web Site as a place to remind members and adults of their responsibilities, to report declining membership, poorly attended activities, or failed fundraising projects. Always keep in mind that what you include on your Web Site is visited by persons who know absolutely nothing about the JDI. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to include ceremonies or items that are not designed for the public. Your Web Site is a prime opportunity for obtaining new members so consider it as you would a prospective member party or promotional campaign, and include only those materials (ceremonies, text, photos, videos, music) that you would use in promotional events, such as parades, fairs, car washes, promotional parties, etc. Be positive, upbeat, courteous, and inviting.


All material copied from another source should appear with a credit line acknowledging the Source of the original material. Poetry, ceremonies, promotional material and any other printed material that is not original should include a credit line. This is both a courtesy to the original author(s) and protection against misunderstandings due to misquotes or errors in rewriting the original information, as well as copyright infringement claims. Also, the addition of music to an JDI Web Site should acknowledge the composer and performer. [Here are two suggested credit lines. The promotional brochure reproduced on this page is Form No. 307 published by the Supreme Guardian Council. The promotional ideas on this page were copied from the Arizona Grand Guardian Council Web Site. The poem quoted at the top of this page was written by Helen Steiner Rice.]


Guest Books are a popular addition to Web Sites for they provide a means by which visitors to the Web Site can make comments regarding the site, interact with other Guest Book signers, and applaud the efforts of the Webmaster. A visitor to the Web Site signs in on the Guest Book by highlighting a Sign Here icon and is immediately provided with a space in which to leave his or her message. If there is no pre-monitoring of Guest Book signers, it is critical that the Webmaster and perhaps one or two other conscientious members or adult workers review the site and have means to delete unpleasant Guest Book messages. Unfortunately, while some of us enjoy the opportunity to share our comments via the Guest Book, there are others in cyberspace who use these opportunities to exploit the JDI and to push their own agendas. Guest Books should be monitored daily.


The home page is the first page of a Web Site. It should include, but not be restricted to, the following information:

1. The originator of the site: e.g. Grand Guardian Council of Illinois or Bethel No. 1, Spokane, Washington

2. The e-mail for the Grand Secretary, Bethel Guardian, or other adult qualified to answer questions regarding the material on the site.

3. The e-mail of the Webmaster for response to any technical or operational questions.

4. A disclaimer that this Web Site is not the official SGC JDI Web Site and that information appearing on the web site is the property of the GGC, Bethel, or individual and is not sanctioned by the SGC, or a link to a “Disclaimer” page containing such material

5. Date that the home page was first established


By ‘linking’ to other Web Sites, a home page provides each visitor with the opportunity to visit other JDI sites and other sites within the Masonic family. Be sure that the JDI sites to which you link maintain a high quality and adhere to the principles stated in these Guidelines. In addition, make sure that any sites that you link to within the Masonic family correctly explain the JDI. It would not be appropriate to link to any site that does not accurately report the scope and mission of the JDI. Links to any other sites (i.e., general interest sites) should only be included provided they do not conflict with the principles or ideals of the JDI or present controversial, political, or otherwise inappropriate content.


One way to enhance a Web Site is to include photographs of JDI individuals and Bethel activities. Be very careful that those pictured in the photographs know that they will be included on the Web Site and that they do not object to being identified Keep in mind that some parents might not want their daughter identified on a Web Site. Perhaps a one-sentence permission form should be used such as: The undersigned agrees to being identified in photographs on the Web Site produced by __________ (include in the blank the GGC, Bethel No., individual, etc.), and then include a date and signature line. In most cases, it might be more prudent to have very general captions that describe the event, but do not identify the individuals pictured. One should be particularly attentive to the wishes of families and recipients involved in HIKE presentations and promotions. Be sure to get their permission or write a caption that explains the many benefits of The HIKE Fund, but does not identify the family. Respect their privacy.


Though it is not required that a Web Site display any of the JDI trademarks (the Three Point Emblem Trademark (IYOB FILIAE), the JDI Logo and the name “Job’s Daughters International” are registered Trademarks of Job’s Daughters International), it is critical that, if the Web Site does display the JDI trademark, it be the correct trademark. Please use only the registered trademark on your Web Site. It can be copied from the official SGC home page or scanned from the copy of the Trademark available from the SGC office in Papillion, NE. When a GGC, Bethel, or individual wants to use the official trademark on their Web Site, please notify the Board of Trustees and send them a copy of your home page prior to your going public. This will allow the Board to determine that you are using the correct trademark and, in turn to forward to the SGC Webmaster your intention to have a Web Site in the near future so that it can be ‘linked’ to the SGC Web Site.


The Webmasters are the people who creates and maintains the Web Site. They have the technological skill to design the Web Site and to incorporate new features that will keep it attractive to our members. In addition, their role in the organization could be compared to that of a newsletter editor. They receive, edit, and publish material submitted for the Web Site and maintain a high standard of accuracy for the content of the Web Site. The name and/or email address of the Webmaster (or a link thereto) should be listed on the Home page, or other “contacts” page, to provide visitors a method of communicating technical problems or efforts encountered to the appropriate person when visiting the web site.