She learned how to lead a meeting, plan six months’ worth of events and advocate for her fellow members. What next?

Our Honored Queens are reaching this high office earlier than ever; leaving our Past Honored Queens with years of membership left to go. After we raise them up to be leaders, how do we expect them to fall back into the ranks?

We cannot let these strong young women fall to the wayside. Their journey is not over. There are still so many ways our PHQs can lead without necessarily being “in charge.”

  1. Create a PHQ mentorship program.

Don’t let all that knowledge go to waste. A PHQ knows exactly what she would have done differently during her term, given a second chance. Let her pass that knowledge on to the incoming Honored Queen. Pair your Honored Queen-elect with a PHQ. She can help her plan her term, come up with fun activities and calm her nerves.

  1. Encourage them to run for state/international offices.

Being Honored Queen is not the only opportunity offered to our girls. Depending on your jurisdiction, there are countless ways to be involved in Job’s Daughters leadership. Encourage your girls to be a Spirit Ambassador, a HIKE Coordinator or even run for Supreme Bethel Honored Queen.

  1. Invite them to Council meetings.

Invite girls to your Council meetings. They can bring ideas for other girls and provide a unique perspective on issues that might be lost on us adults. Whether she has thoughts on a service project, fundraiser or a promotional event, allow her to be involved in the administrative side of Bethel activities. This also gives her a sneak peek into Council activities and could cause her to want to join the Council once she reaches Majority.

Our PHQs have so much left to offer our organization. That potential and enthusiasm for sisterhood and leadership should be encouraged and put to good use. Make sure that you are engaging your Past Honored Queens and allow them to continue being leaders. You don’t have to be THE leader to be a leader.