If there’s anything I know for sure, it’s that Job’s Daughters are chronic over-packers. And for a trip as big as Supreme Session, it can start to get out of hand. Over the years, I have developed a fool-proof system for making sure that I bring everything I need, without having to pay an overweight baggage fee!

  1. Make a list!

Always, always, always make a list. Lists are the only way I remember the little things. I cannot tell you how many times I have shown up to a Jobie sleepover without pajamas. This could have been easily avoided by just writing down what I needed. I even went ahead and made the Ultimate Supreme Session Packing List that you can download and use. (Complete with robe essentials.)

  1. Plan your outfits.

Don’t just throw a few dresses in your suitcase and call it good. Figure out what you are going to wear each day and make sure you have everything you need. Otherwise you end up with three dresses you never end up wearing or you’re missing a pair of shoes that you really needed. Better yet, follow the capsule wardrobe trend and use pieces for multiple outfits so you can save space in your bag.

  1. Take some stuff out.

Back away from the suitcase. I promise that you don’t need as much as you think you do. Between two pairs of black heels, three sets of slippers, and seven lipsticks, something has got to go. Try to use pieces that can be worn many different ways. Don’t take your entire makeup trunk, just the essentials. If your suitcase can’t be closed, reevaluate exactly what you are taking.

With these tips and the Ultimate Supreme Session Packing List, you are set! Dust off your suitcase, find your passport, and get ready for Layton!