1. Host a Facebook live Q&A about JDI

This is the perfect chance to explain just why you love JDI so much. Make an event and answer some questions! Have some planned ahead of time to avoid any open time.

2. Council drive-by parade for the girls

Van Gorder Elementary School teacher parade

You’ve seen teachers doing parades for their students. Why not Guardian Councils for our Daughters?

3. Wear Job’s shirts on your video calls

Shirt front

Wearing a Job’s Daughters shirt is one of the easiest ways to promote our organization. Show off your purple pride on your video calls for school or work!

4. Write letters or call inactive members

Everyone needs a little extra support during these uncertain times. Reach out to inactive members or Majority Members and show that you’re thinking about them. A card or a phone call could really make someone’s day.

5. Have a virtual game night

Just because we’re inside doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! With video conferencing it’s easy to play online games like Jackbox Games. You can also play card games online.