Job’s Daughters International (JDI) selects two members each year to represent the Order as enthusiastic and
knowledgeable global youth ambassadors. As such, our Miss International Job’s Daughter (MIJD) and Supreme
Bethel Honored Queen (SBHQ) have the opportunity to visit all Job’s Daughters jurisdictions, serving the Order in a
number of ways including:

● Learning and facilitating global understanding of the Order
● Encouraging inclusivity, excitement and engagement among JDI membership
● Enthusiastically sharing the benefits of membership in JDI with other Masonic Orders and the public
● Empowering, mentoring, teaching and training members of JDI
● Attending and participating in leadership workshops, Bethel meetings and Institutions, HIKE presentations,
International Masonic Conferences, Grand Bethel and Jurisdictional weekends, Miss Job’s Daughter Pageants
and much, much more!

The real-world costs of serving the Order on an international scale is significant and cannot be accomplished

without the support of others. It is in this spirit that we advocate on behalf of the Daughters in asking for your
financial support of the MIJD-SBHQ 2022-23 Travel Fund.

All donations received in support of the Travel Fund are tax deductible (U.S. only), will be equally divided between
the Daughters selected as MIJD and SBHQ 2022-23, and will be used only for business-related expenses such as
virtual platform licenses, airfare, lodging and meals.

Donations to the MIJD-SBHQ 2022-23 Travel Fund may be received throughout the year; until Supreme Session
2023 in Middleton, Wisconsin. Donations received prior to July 1, 2022 will be acknowledged at Supreme Session
2022 in Port Huron, Michigan.

To contribute, send a bank check or money order (U.S. funds only) made payable to “JDI MIJD-SBHQ 2022-23 Travel
Fund” to:

JDI Supreme Office
c/o MIJD-SBHQ 2022-23 Travel Fund
233 West 6th Street
Papillion, NE 68046

Electronic payment may also be made through PayPal to; Please add a 5% service fee and include “JDI
MIJD-SBHQ 2022-23 Travel Fund” in payment notes, or by credit card directly through the Supreme Office; Please
add a 7% service fee and state that funds should be allocated to “JDI MIJD-SBHQ 2022-23 Travel Fund.” Supreme
Office phone: 402-592-7987 Office Hours: 8:30am – 5:00 pm CST

It is because of the generosity and caring of individuals like you; family, friends, Bethels, Masonic family
organizations, and supporters of JDI that make the opportunity these Daughters earn so impactful. Thank you for
supporting our Daughters in achieving their goals and making their dreams a reality!

Janine Coley, PSG / Mary Kay Perrott, PGG
2023 Miss International Job’s Daughter Pageant Co-Chairs

Valarianne Riewe, PGG / Kenneth Caviness, PAGG
Supreme Bethel Guardian/Associate Supreme Bethel Guardian 2022-23