To all adult volunteers of JDI:

On the 12th of September, it was brought to the attention of myself, the Executive Manager, and the Supreme Guardian, that our Directory was compromised in a data breach and select individual’s emails were “spoofed,” a hacker masquerading as another with a trusted email, for fraudulent means. A mass communication was sent within hours informing all individuals we could reach and requesting they notify us of any suspicious electronic communication. As the matter was further researched, it became clear that our Directory was the target of a broader criminal endeavor. The Executive Manager and I, with the assistance of our Webmaster, have partnered with federal authorities to investigate this ongoing violation of our organization’s unintentional information disclosure.

Under the advisement of the authorities and cyber security experts, we are taking steps to
strengthen our electronic security measures in an endeavor to best protect the information of all who serve JDI. Some steps you may have already noticed. Our Directory is now stored in a cloud dropbox, with new password protection and limited access. Additionally, emails for international leaders will be moved to a common domain secured by the organization. We are continuing to review practices to ensure the security of our adults, as well as our Daughters. Please be advised this breach affected our Directory, all other private records and information within the Supreme Office have remained secure.

If you receive any suspicious or fraudulent communications sent via email, phone or mail, please
notify the Supreme Office as soon as possible, so it may be turned over to the proper authorities. Also please always be cautious and aware of requests for any personal information under your protection.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to me or our Executive
Manager, Katrina Sieler.


Melinda Kinders, JDI Board of Trustees Chair